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    Welcome to Holicong 7th Grade Baseball

    Coach: Mr. Rittenhouse

    email: crittenhouse@cbsd.org

    Daily weekdays: Offfice hours 3:00-4:00. Please email me and we can schedule a Teams conference including Coach Reed from the 8th grade team.


    Baseball Trivia (email me your answer)

    Who hit the most home runs in the 2010's? 

    Baseball Stretch/Workout Routines-  Flexibility is one of the most overlooked part of all sports. It prevents injuries and increases on field performance.

    CBA Stretch Routine


    Baseball Drills_  This is a good throwing routine we would be doing every day to start practice and games. 

    Throwing Routine


    Baseball Media/Movies



    Baseball Trivia (email me your answer)

    Which pitcher finished with the highest innings total in a single season since 2000?

    Baseball Stretch/Workout Routines- This is a Baseball Workout you can do at home with no equipment and about 5 min.

    Baseball Workout

    Baseball Drills-  This is a good drill you can do at home for infielding with Ron Washington of the Atlanta Braves

    Infield Drills



    Baseball Trivia (email me your answer)

    With CC Sabathia's retirement, who is the active leader in career strikeouts among left-handed hurlers?

    Baseball Workout Routine

    Plyometric Workout

    Baseball Drills

    Ultimate Baseball: Drills You Can Do at Home



    Baseball Trivia (email me your answer)

    George Brett holds the distinction of being the only player to accomplish what offensive feat in three different decades?

    Baseball Workout  Note: On this one, if you don't have a medicine ball use anything that will give you a little restiance.

    Increase Your Bat Speed

    Baseball Drills

    At Home Hitting Drills



    Fun Movie Night

    Field of Dreams- Classic Baseball Movie

    "If you build it, he will come." With these words, Iowa farmer Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) is inspired by a voice he can't ignore to pursue a dream he can hardly believe. Also starring Ray Liotta, James Earl Jones, and Amy Madigan, Field of Dreams is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that has moved critics and audiences like no other film of its generation. Field of Dreams is a glowing tribute to all who dare to dream.

    Field fo Dreams Trivia

    43 Fast Facts About Field of Dreams (weblink)




    What is the only defensive position that has never been the listed position for a player taken No. 1 overall in the MLB Draft?

     Baseball Workout (Nutrition)

    3 Foods Baseball Players Must Avoid

    Baseball Workout

    Throw Harder dumbell Routine




    Who is the only pitcher to win World Series games in three different decades?

    Baseball Workout

    Conditioning Drills for Baseball

    Baseball Drills

    3 Elite Outfield Drills

    Check out this Article

    Nick Bitsko Article (MLB Draft Prospect and former Holicong Baseball Player)




    Bucky Dent's famous Game 163 homer was one of three in that game. Which two Hall of Famers hit the others?

    Baseball Workout (Nutrition)

    Top 11 Superfoods for Athletic Endurance

    Baseball Workout

    Nolan Arenado and Alex Rodriguez



    Who was the last first baseman selected first overall in the MLB Draft?

    Baseball Workout

    7 Exercises to throw harder now

    Baseball Drills

    Top 10 infield drills for all players


    Fun Movie Night 

    The Sandlot


    The Sandlot Trivia Website



    In 2014, Hunter Pence played a full 162 game season and led the NL in at-bats. What was his at-bat total that year?

    Baseball Workout

    The Power of Nutrition (UCLA Health Sports)

    Baseball Drills

    Top 10 Pitching Drills for Oerfect Mechanics



    Who are the only two brothers to be drafted within the top two picks of different Drafts?

    Baseball Workout

    Youth Baseball Workout

    Baseball Drill

    Pitching Towel Drill


    Friday Baseball Movie: 42: The True Story of an American Legend

    Movie Questions for “42” (The True Story of Jackie Robinson)



    As you watch the movie think about he following questions


    1. Early on in the film, Branch Rickey (owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers) has a conversation

    with Jackie Robinson about playing baseball in the Dodgers’ organization. Mr. Rickey asks

    Jackie Robinson if he has the “guts” not to fight back. What does he mean by this? Why

    does he ask Jackie Robinson to do this?



    2. Throughout the movie, Wendell Smith (the African American reporter) chronicles Jackie

    Robinson’s first season in Major League Baseball. Why does he have such a personal stake

    in the success of Jackie Robinson? (Think about how he is treated as a reporter.)