• Tamanend Art Club

    Our lovely Art Club members... we miss you dearly! Let's continue our creativity (at a distance)!  Mrs. Pirolli and I will post prompts and assignments for you to do here, but at home! After creating, send Mrs. Pirolli and I a picture of your work so we can share it with the Tamanend community! Remember, our goal is to spread our love for art and portray beauty in our community. As long as it is in positive nature and your own work, anything goes!

    Miss. Schollenberger: sschollenberger@cbsd.org 

    Mrs. Pirolli: mtpirolli@cbsd.org

    Choice Board


    Unami Art Club

    Unami art club members---- we miss seinging you and watching you create wonderful artworks. Ms. Fedorowicz and I will post some prompts and challenges that you can do at home to continue your creativity! We would love to see your creations- if you make something please email it to Ms. Fedorwicz and myself so we can share it with the Unami community! Get creative, think outside the box, and continue your passion for the arts! 

    Miss. Schollenberger: sschollenberger@cbsd.org 

    Miss. Fedorowicz: kfedorowicz@cbsd.org



    art board Drawing Challenge