• Thursday, April 30, 2020

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! 


    • Today's Check-in is in Padlet. Follow the steps below.

                         1. Watch this short video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwelE8yyY0U

                         2. Go to Padlet with this link

                         3. Post a reaction to the question - What can YOU do to color someones world with kindness? What can YOU do to spread kindness these days?

                         4. If you have trouble or would rather not post in Padlet, email me instead.

    • Remember to check ALL of your teachers' websites before starting in on your work for the day!
    • Your special for today is Gym. Go to Mr. Durie's website for your assignment. Lin kis in "Distance Learning Resources" and then "Other Teacher Websites".

    RELA: (Reading and Writing)

    • Task #1: Among the Hidden
      • Read my feedback from your work yesterday. Revise/Add to it if needed.
      • Go to One Note - Content Library - 4/20/20 Ch. 16-17
      • Follow all directions in One Note. Submit your questions (2 of them) in One Note.
    • Task #2: Posted Response
      • Final response due tomorrow.
    • Task #3: Read Independently for 30 minutes.

    PRE-ALGEBRA: No work for today. Check back on Monday.


    • Essential Questions: What is a watershed? How does pollution travel through a watershed?
    • Time: About 40 minutes
    • Today's Assignment:
      • Log into our Science TEAMS page. 
      • Open today's assignment - "Lesson 6: Watersheds".
        • Work through the document - Read the passages, watch the video, and answer the questions.
        • Answer the questions DIRECTLY in the document. Use a different colored font.
      • Submit in TEAMS.