• April 22, 2020


    Good Morning Team 108!  Happy Earth Day!

    Today is a super special day becuase not only is it Earth Day, but we also get to celebrate Emily, our Star of the Week.  Today during our morning TEAMS meeting, Emily will share her Star of the Week poster and her 3 special objects.  Be sure to visit her mystery object padlet and make your guess.  Also be sure to post a special note to Emily on her Star of the Week padlet.  Click on the orange links found below:

    Emily's Mystery Object  (be sure to look for Emily's post and read her clues before making your guess!)

    Emily's is special because...


    Remember that we will be following a new schedule for our TEAMS Morning Check-Ins for the next two weeks. Our meetings will still begin at 9:30.  See the schedule below:



    Monday, April 20th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 1

    Tuesday, April 21st:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 2

    Wednesday, April 22nd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS (Star of the Week: Emily!)

    Thursday, April 23rd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 3


    Monday, April 27th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 4

    Tuesday, April 28th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 5

    Wednesday, April 29th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS (Star of the Week:  Bella!)

    Thursday, April 30th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 6 at 9:30 and Table 5 at 10:00


    Here is a reminder on how to access TEAMS:

    1) Log on to SEESAW

    2) Go to your INBOX

    3) Find the TEAMS link

    4) Click on it, mute your microphone and wait patiently for the meeting to get started.  


    The Wild Robot Escapes Read Aloud

    Today I would like you to take a picture of the page you have been using to sketch your pictures for Wild Robot and upload it to the padlet below.  You can either take a picture of the entire page, just like I have done below, or if you would like, you can zoom in on just one picture.  I would like all pictures posted by Friday.  I posted a picture of Roz in her toolbelt in the Padlet!

    Click Here for Wild Robot Padlet

    I will continue to read aloud from the story, but you no longer need to create any new sketches.  Today I will be reading the next two chapters.  Just click on the book cover below. :)  


    wild robot escapes    roz


    Read to Self

    Don't forget to read for at least 20 minutes every day.  You can choose books from your own bookshelf or visit the reading tab on my teacher website and choose any online reading option listed there.  You can read on your own, aloud to a family memeber, or a family member can read to/with you.


    Don't Forget to Attend Special

    Monday: Gym    Tuesday: Art     Wednesday: Quest      Thursday: Music      Friday: Library

    Click the link below:



    Looking For More to Do?

    Visit my teacher website and check out the reading, math, and just for fun activities posted there!


    Let's Get Started with Distance Learning!

    Today I assigned you 3 activities in Seesaw (calendar math, math lesson, word work, and an Earth Day Activity).  In the calendar math activity, please be sure to listen carefully to slide #1 which gives you important tips and reminders for successfully completing the assignment.  In today's math lesson you will learn how to collect and analyze data using a bar graph.  Finally, be sure to read all the directions for the Earth Day activity before beginning (these directions can also be read aloud to you by clicking the "play instructions" button).

    Ready? Set? Go!

    Click the link below!


    Be sure to take wiggle breaks!

    P.S. Don't forget to find time to complete the activities below either before or after you log into Seesaw!


    Congratulations!! You did it!!

    Keep up the great work, Team 108. 

    Sending you all high five and fist bumps!