• April 21, 2020

    News and Announcements

    Be sure to remember to listen to The Wild Robot Escapes each day!  Use the link below.  I rearranged this lesson plan so you don't forget about our dear friend, Roz! I moved the link to the Wild Robot Padlet to the beginning of this lesson plan - and moved your Seesaw activities to then end of this lesson plan.  I hope that helps!

    Just a reminder that we will be following a new schedule for our TEAMS Morning Check-Ins for the next two weeks. Our meetings will still begin at 9:30.  Here is the schedule:


    Monday, April 20th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 1

    Tuesday, April 21st:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 2

    Wednesday, April 22nd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS (Star of the Week: Emily!)

    Thursday, April 23rd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 3


    Monday, April 27th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 4

    Tuesday, April 28th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 5

    Wednesday, April 29th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS (Star of the Week:  Bella!)

    Thursday, April 30th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 6


    Here is a reminder on how to access TEAMS:

    1) Log on to SEESAW

    2) Go to your INBOX

    3) Find the TEAMS link

    4) Click on it, mute your microphone and wait patiently for the meeting to get started.  


    The Wild Robot Escapes Read Aloud

    Today I will be reading the next two chapters.  Please have the paper that you created last week to sketch scenes from the story.  As you are listening to the next two chapters being read aloud, pay attention to the pictures you see in your mind.  Does one scene stand out to you?  Choose one moment from either chapter and sketch it in the bottom right corner of the page.  You may want to listen to the chapter again as you sketch so you can capture more details in your picture.  Be sure to record today's date and the chapter at the top.  This should be your last sketch of the page!  Tomorrow I will share out what you will be doing with this page.  


    wild robot escapes    roz


    Read to Self

    Don't forget to read for at least 20 minutes every day.  You can choose books from your own bookshelf or visit the reading tab on my teacher website and choose any online reading option listed there.  You can read on your own, aloud to a family memeber, or a family member can read to/with you.


    Don't Forget to Attend Special

    Monday: Gym    Tuesday: Art     Wednesday: Quest      Thursday: Music      Friday: Library

    Click the link below:



    Let's Get Started with Distance Learning!

    Today I assigned you 3 activities in Seesaw (reading, word work, and science).  In reading, you will continue the fairy tale lesson that you started yesterday.  For word work, you will learn about the "bossy r!"  Finally, in Science you will learn about minerals.  The Seesaw science activity is 11 slides long, but just like the fairy tale activity yesterday, most of these slides are TEACHING you about minerals.  Stay strong, Team 108, and do your best! 

    Ready? Set? Go!

    Click the link below!


    Be sure to take wiggle breaks!

    P.S. Don't forget to find time to complete the activities below either before or after you log into Seesaw!


    Looking For More to Do?

    Visit my teacher website and check out the reading, math, and just for fun activities posted there!


    Congratulations!! You did it!!

    Keep up the great work, Team 108. 

    Sending you all high five and fist bumps!