• April 17, 2020

    Good Morning Team 108!

    I hope you enjoy morning Check-Ins on TEAMS as much as I do!  I want to try something new for the next two weeks.  While I have loved seeing ALL your smiling faces, I would like the opportunity to meet with small groups so we have more time to talk with one another.  Our meetings will still begin at 9:30.  Here is the schedule we will follow for the next two weeks:


    Monday, April 20th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 1

    Tuesday, April 21st:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 2

    Wednesday, April 22nd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS

    Thursday, April 23rd:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 3


    Monday, April 27th:  Moring TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 4

    Tuesday, April 28th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with TABLE 5

    Wednesday, April 29th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with WHOLE CLASS

    Thursday, April 30th:  Morning TEAMS Check-In with Table 6


    When we meet on Wednesdays as a class we will have our Star of the Week share out their poster and special objects.  I will share more information about our Star of the Week next week.  Thanks for being so patient!


    Let's Get Started with Distance Learning!

    On Fridays no new learning is posted in Seesaw (except by Mrs. Salter!).  Today is a day that you can use to catch up on any missed assignments.


    Today is also a good day to visit Mrs. Levy's website (our school counselor).  Use the link below.

    Mrs. Levy's Website


    Don't Forget to Attend Library!

    Monday: Gym    Tuesday: Art     Wednesday: Quest      Thursday: Music      Friday: Library

    Click the link below:



    Looking For More to Do?

    Visit my teacher website and check out the reading, math, and just for fun activities posted there!


    Congratulations!! You did it!!

    Keep up the great work, Team 108. 

    Sending you all high five and fist bumps!