• Monday, April 20th

    Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

    Today's Check-in is in TEAMS. Check your email for the invitation link. If you have trouble or missed the meeting, email me instead to say hello.

    Remember to check ALL of your teachers' websites before starting in on your work for the day!

    Your Special for Today is Music. Make sure to check Mr. Weir's website for your assignment.

    RELA: (Reading and Writing)

    • Task #1: Among the Hidden
      • Go to One Note.
        • The assignment is listed under Content Library - Distance Learning - 4/20/20
        • Follow the directions on this page in One Note.
    • Task #2: Listen to the next chapter of Posted.
      • Click Here to listen to me read the second part of the chapter called, "The Confession" - Part 1. 
        • Respond today on Padlet - Click Here for the link. Don't forget to include your NAME!
      • If you missed previous day's readings, go to "DL Phase 2 Resources > Links for Readings of Posted. All the chapters are there.
    • Task #3: Independent Reading (30 min)
    • "Can Do" Activities for Writing - If you are looking for writing activities to do this week, choose from the list below. These are OPTIONAL, but if you choose to do some, please let me know.
      • Complete a writing activity from the list below using your research from the first 2 weeks of Distance Learning (remember, you researched an argument topic of your choice).
        • Essay
        • PowerPoint
        • Letter to someone who might care about it or need to know (Examples: If you researched standardized testing, you could write to Mrs. Adelberger. If you researched social media, but you can't use it, you could write to your parents.)
        • Brochure
        • Poem
        • Commercial for you "tech people"
        • Your Choice...
      • Write a story - any story - fiction or not - that you want to write. Have fun with it. Maybe base it on something happening in real life right now...
      • Start a "Quarantine Journal". This could be in a notebook, a diary, or it could be more technology based - you could make a video journal.
      • April is "National Humor Month". Write some jokes. Tell some at class meeting this week.
      • April 21st is "National Kindergarten Day". Write about your favorite memory from Kindergarten and then tell us at class meeting this week.


    • Essential Qusetion: How do I solve equations with variables on both sides?
    • Time: About 60 minutes
    • Tasks for Today:
      • Your assignment is in TEAMS.
      • Read through the directions - It's called "April 20th Lesson Overview".
      • Then open the worksheets - They are called "April 15th Student Resources".
      • Do your work on a separate sheet of paper, and include the DATE each day. Work through the lesson.
      • Type your answers into the spaces on the first page of the worksheet document. You only need to type your answers for Calendar, Counting Tape, and Daily Variable and Independent Practice.
      • When you are done, check your answers with the Answer Key document.
      • Submit to me in TEAMS.
      • Check in at office hours if you want me to explain anything in detail.

    SCIENCE: No Science for today. Check back tomorrow.