Elementary Social Skills Lessons Week of 4/6/20

    Primary: Grades K-3

    TOPIC: Accepting No

    Introduction: Discuss times when parents/teachers tell us no and how it makes us feel. 

    “When was a time that someone told you No when you asked for something?”


    Directed Instruction: 

    Read aloud of Julia Cook’s “I Just Don’t Like the Sound of No”



    Parents Model (I DO) using the skill: “A time when someone tells me no is….. This makes me feel a little angry/frustrated/annoyed…. But I know I can Look, Say OKAY, Stay Calm, ASK.”


    Together with child (We DO): Generate an idea of a time when the child hears NO and practice following the steps to accepting NO.


    CHILD INDEPENDENTLY (You DO): Complete social skills response template generating another idea and writing it down. Parents, please help your child generate a second idea and feel free to write for them as needed/appropriate for your individual child.        


    Name: ______________________  Date: ____________

    Social Skills

    Today’s social topic was: ______________________________________________


    A time when I can use this skill is: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


    Using this skill will help me to: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.