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      Welcome to my distance learning classroom! All grades can utilize one of the following lessons. Feel free to have siblings work together, or work with your child to create.  As engineers, we want to use creativity, plan, improve our idea and test it to see if it works.  Most of all, we want students to HAVE FUN! Feel free to use ANY building materials (legos, magnatiles, etc.) or any household materials (ideas here).  QUEST is all about innovation—use what you have!


      Remember - Find your QUEST page in Seesaw. Try uploading a picture or video of today's work to our Seesaw QUEST page this week!


      Our Tinker Tic-Tac-Toe is the same board as least week. Here is the challenge: Make a tic-tac-toe by connecting any 3 activities. Finished 1 last week? Awesome, now choose another activity today and one next week to connect 3 in a row! 

    • Option 1: Tinker Tic-Tac-Toe

      • Overview
        • Tinker Tic-Tac
      • Estimated Time: 20 minutes
      • Explanation of Activity/Assignment
        • Students will create and innovate using materials at home.
      • Quick things to know
        • Utilize any building or recyclable materials at home (see suggestions here )
      • Tasks
        • Sketch your plan
        • Label your plan
        • Open the Tinker Tic-Tac-Toe Board
        • Choose any of the squares (try doing tic-tac-toe, 3 in a row!)
        • Plan out your design on paper (or in your head).
        • Create using any materials
        • Test it and see if it works.  If it does, GREAT! If not, go to next step.
        • Improve it!
        • Share it with a family member, post on SeeSaw, Teams or email a picture to me :)
        • Continue completing activities.
      • Links/Activities
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    • Option 2: Code.org


      • Overview
        • Students will utilize computer science vocabulary to solve a variety of problems, demonstrate perseverance and develop programs using block coding.
      • Estimated Time: 20 minutes
      • Explanation of Activity/Assignment
        • Students will utilize the online Code.org and complete lessons at their own pace.
      • Quick things to know
        • Students will need to sign in to their account using given directions so that their progress is saved.
      • Tasks
        • Coding Instructions
        • Log in to myapplications.microsoft.com
        • Click on Clever
        • Click on Log in with Active Directory 
        • Choose Code.org
        • Click on My Course and hit continue lesson.  Work at your own pace for 25 minutes and complete lessons.  Remember to have grit and don’t give up!
        • Grades: 
          • 1st : Course B
          • 2nd: Course C
          • 3rd: Course D
          • 4th: Course E
          • 5th: Course F
          • 6th: Course F
      • Links/Activities