• Hi Cougars!

    Today's tasks include:

    1. Padlet check in!  https://padlet.com/kcarroll32/odziakmmkzsd  Remember, this is mandatory.

    2. Visit all your teacher’s websites to plan out your tasks for the day.  There is no math today, but if you did not complete your assignment last week, make sure you get that finished.  

    3.  If you want to schedule an optional small group meeting, please use this link: Small Group Live Check.docx  Click "Edit" in the upper right corner to add your name.  You can attend more than one if you'd like.  

    4. For today, both your reading and writing will be in your Reading Teams.  The activities are tied together.  See below, in blue.

    5. Visit your Social Studies or Science teacher's website for that activity.  

    For Fun!

    Do you know what Easter Eggs are?  I don't mean chocolate ones - I mean the things hidden in movies and games!  Watch this video of me explaining, and check out some Pixar examples.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMB9znJsh54

    "Why is she telling me this?" I can hear you asking :)

    Well - I'm putting some Easter eggs in our powerpoints.  If you find something that is special to our class, email me and let me know!



    Today's Lesson: Among the Hidden - Chapters One and Two

    Time Needed: approximately 60 minutes

    1. Click this link for the best way to watch the best way to access your Among the Hidden resources.  This will work for two weeks worth of work.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDdtGF5FUI0

    2.  Find assignment in Reading Teams.  Follow the directions in the video you just watched.  


    Social Studies: 

    Today's Lesson: Exploring Geography

    Time Needed: approximately 40 minutes

    1. Watch this video of how to access TCI through Clever, and for today's task.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=anHPgF0Zvfg