• On this page, I will post tips for being a virtual student, as well as my expectations for behavior and work that is submitted during Distance Learning. 

  • Guidelines for Distance Learning

    Check your class's page on my site for your work. 

    Be sure to follow due dates. 

    This is the schedule for Distance Learning phase 2. 

    Here is an idea of what you can expect class to look like during DL Phase 2. 

    Every day that we have class, you should complete this form. This is to check-in with you and make sure we are all doing ok/understanding the lesson. I will post this in our lessons too. 

    Here are CB's Meeting Expectations. This is our classroom now-I expect the same behavior in a Teams meeting that you would have in our classroom. 

    I will hold Open Teams meetings everyday from 11:45-12:15. These are for students from any of my classes.

    We can schedule a meeting, if you cannot make an Open Teams, or if you have a personal question. For parents and students: I am always reachable by email- mnewcomer@cbsd.org. 

    This is my schedule. Please check this before trying to schedule a meeting. 



    Stra's Tips for being
    Virtual Student

    1. To-Do Lists are your best friend! 

    2. Stay Organized!

    3. Communication is EVERYTHING! 

    4. Have a 'work space': A place where the only thing you do is school work. I have a desk by a window. Working from bed is not a great strategy. 

    5. Develop a schedule: This helps me stay focused on the task in front of me. 

    6. I made a Pinterest board of helpful tips for learning online.