• Wednesday, April 8th

    Happy Wednesday, everyone!

    Today's Check-in is in TEAMS. Check your email for the invitation link. If you have trouble or missed the meeting, email me instead to say hello.

    Remember to check ALL of your teachers' websites before starting in on your work for the day!

    RELA: (Reading and Writing)

    • Essential Question: What is a primary source/document? How can you infer theme in primary documents?
    • Time: About 60 minutes
    • Task #1: Informational Text Reading
      • Go to One Note.
      • The assignment is listed under Content Library - Distance Learning - 4/8/20
        • There are 2 pages:
          • One for the PowerPoint and a sample response
          • One for the texts to read (they are speeches today)
      • Watch and listen to the entire PowerPoint - It's me talking!
      • Examine the sample response - each answer should be a paragraph today.
      • ALL DIRECTIONS for completing the assignment are on the LAST SLIDE OF THE POWERPOINT.
        • Answer questions #2, #4, and #6.
        • Create a separate page in your One Note. Date and Name it "4/8/20 Speeches Reflection".
        • Each question should have a one-paragraph response, for a total of 3 paragraphs.
    • Task #2: Listen to the next chapter of Posted.
      • Click here to listen to me read the second part of the chapter called, "The Offer". 
      • Go to One Note - Collaboration Space - 4/8/20 Posted Reflection and answer the 2 questions there.
      • Respond to 2 of your classmates' posts.
      • If you missed previous day's readings, go to that date of Distance Learning to find the links.


    • Essential Qusetion: How do I solve one-step equations?
    • Time: About 60 minutes
    • Task for Today:
      • Your assignment is in TEAMS.
      • Read through the directions document first.
      • Then open the worksheets.
      • Do your work on a separate sheet of paper, and include the DATE each day. Work through the lesson.
      • Type your answers into the spaces on the first page of the worksheet document. You only need to type your answers for Calendar and Independent Practice.
      • When you are done, check your answers.
      • Submit to me.
      • Check in at office hours if you want me to explain anything in detail.

    SCIENCE: No Science for today. Check back on Tuesday, April 14th.