• Tuesday, April 7th

    Happy Tuesday, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the sunshine yesterday and are ready for a great day today!

    Today's Check-in is in FlipGrid. Click this link to post your video. If you have trouble or would rather not video, email me instead.

    RELA: (reading and writing)

    • Essential Question: What are the elements of fictional narratives? How can you compare 2 texts?
    • Time: About 60 minutes
    • Task #1: Narrative Fiction Reading
      • Go to One Note.
      • The assignment is listed under Content Library - Distance Learning - 4/7/20
        • There are 2 pages:
          • One for the PowerPoint
          • One for the stories
      • Watch and listen to the entire PowerPoint - It's me talking!
      • ALL DIRECTIONS for completing the assignment are on the LAST PAGE OF THE POWERPOINT.
    • Task 2: Listen to the next chapter of Posted.
      • Click here to listen to me read the first part of the chapter called, "The Offer". 
      • If you missed yesterday's chapter, so yesterday's Distance Learning page for the link.

    PRE-ALGEBRA: No work for today. Check back tomorrow.


    • Essential Question: Why is water essential? How can we conserve water?
    • Time: About 40 minutes
    • Today's Assignment:
      • Log into our Science TEAMS page. 
      • Watch the PowerPoint. To find it, follow these steps:
        • The PowerPoint you'll need is in TEAMS under the FILES tab - 
          • Click "Files" - It's at the top, to the left of "assignments"
          • Lesson 1 - Water Resources PowerPoint will be in there...
        • As you "watch" the PowerPoint, notice there is a little "speaker" in the bottom right-hand corner of each slide. You will need to watch in "Slideshow" mode so it allows you to click on it to hear my instruction. See picture below:
        • How to Listen to each slide
      • Lastly, complete the assignment on Padlet - Click Here or use link in PowerPoint.