• Monday, April 6th

    Hi 6th Graders! Today is our check-in day!

    Today's Goals:

    • To become comfortable with how to find and submit work for EACH of your teachers.
      • Visit EACH of your teacher's websites. There will most likely be something small for you to do for each subject.
    • To understand the "schedule" and expectations for Distance Learning: Phase 2.

    RELA - Your work will always be on this website in BLUE. 

    Your RELA assignments for today are:

    • At some point throughout today, listen to the next chapter of Posted - It's me reading it!!
      • Click Here to listen to me read the chapter called, "The Quiet"
    • Complete this survey if you didn't over the weekend Click Here for Survey
    • After our live check-in on TEAMS on Monday morning, please complete these tasks:
      • Go to One Note.
      • The assignment is listed under Content Library - Distance Learning - 4/6/20
      • Copy into your Distance Learning Page
      • Complete the survey.
      • Email me when it's finished.

    Pre-Algebra - Your work will always be on this website in GREEN:

    • Today's assignments:
      • Log into our Pre-Algebra TEAMS page.
      • Find today's assignment - April 6th - Math Check-in
      • Complete and submit you assignment (It's only a couple questions.)
      • If you need help, email me and I'll walk you through how to do this through a TEAMS chat.

    Science - Your work will always be on this website in PURPLE.

    • Welcome to your last rotation, and welcome to SCIENCE!
    • For the rest of the year, you will learn a lot of interesting information about Water Pollution and Earth's Changing Surfaces!
    • Today's assignment:
      • Log into our Science TEAMS page. If you appear in more than one SCIENCE team, it's because of how TEAMS populates. Please email me to let me know. The TEAM you need is the Science TEAM with an assignment in it.
      • Find today's assignment - April 6th - Science Check-in
      • Complete and submit the assignment.
      • If you need help, email me (scunningham@cbsd.org) and I'll help you.