• April 6, 2020

    Good Morning Team 108!

    Welcome to your first day of Phase 2 of Distance Learning!  I can't wait to show you all the fun learing that will take place during Phase 2.  Let's first start with a CHECK IN.  Check-in's are super important - they help us to stay connected with on another.  I will host check-ins twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.  For today's check-in, I want us to share out what our "home work space" looks like.  This will help us to visualize our new virtual classroom.  Click on the Padlet graphic below to open the Padlet.  You can either post a picture like I did or just write about you work space.  Be sure to include what you like about your workspace and how it helps you be the best learner you can be.  ALL PADLETS ARE NOW PASSWORD PROTECT. The password was sent via email to parents on 4/5.



    News and Announcements

    On my teacher website I posted a schedule I would like you to view.  It can be found under PHASE 2, PARENT RESOURCES or you can CLICK HERE  to view it.  Please look this over with a parent.  If you have any questions, always remember I am just an email away! 


    Seesaw:  Let's Get Started!

    1. The goal for today is to help you get used to the new tools we will be using in Phase 2.  Seesaw is going to be the way that you and I share work back and forth.  You are going to love it!  First thing I want you to click on the link below and watch is this video that I made to help you understand how to log in. 



    2. Now that you have watched the video, it is your turn! I emailed your learning code to your parents last night.  Sign in and complete the first two activities that I posted.  Be sure to check your inbox in Seesaw before logging out!  You may have to come back and rewatch the video.  That's ok!  Learning something new takes time and persistance.  Remember, I am cheering you on! You can log onto Seesaw by clicking on the link below:



    3. I now want you to learn how to toggle between classes in Seesaw.  Click on the link below. 



    4.  Finally, I want you to learn how to log out of Seesaw.  Logging out is escpecially important if you are sharing devices with a sibling. Click the link below to learn how. 

    How To Log Out


    The Wild Robot Escapes Read Aloud

    Team 108, have you been missing Roz as much as I have?  I created a padlet that I will post each time I record a read aloud.  When I post a new recording I will include the picture below so that you can easily access the padlet and listen to the read aloud.  You will notice that this Padlet is set up as a timeline.  When you open the Padlet (password was sent via email to parents on 4/5.), you will see my first big purple post.  A scroll bar will appear on the righthand side and if you scroll down you willl find the date of the post along with the chapters that I will be reading aloud.  This format will help you to keep track of where we are in story.  When you are ready, click on the cover below and let's get reading!

    wild robot escapes

    Don't Forget to Attend Special

    Monday: Gym    Tuesday: Art     Wednesday: Quest      Thursday: Music      Friday: Library



    Congratulations!! You did it!!

    Our goal for today was for you to learn more about Phase 2 and try out some of the new learning tools that we will be using.  You did it!  If you are looking for more to do, please log on to my website and use the Reading and Math tabs to connect with some fun learning experiences!  See you right back here tomorrow, Team 108!