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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will my child have to be online at a specified time for live teaching?

    No. I will not be teaching or presenting information in a live format. Many of our families are juggling working while caring for children, so offering a time that all children could attend would not be feasible. Additionally to present a clear and concise lesson, a pre-recorded video or video link will be uploaded to TEAMS for your child to view as direct instruction. Students will have a flexible schedule. Our only set times during the day will be Mr. Charters' office hours, which can be found under "Schedule & Mrs. Charters; Office Hours". Do what works best for you! I suggest creating a personal schedule for your child. When will they wake up, do math, each lunch, play outside, etc.?


    Is there a certain time of day my child needs to complete their work?

    No. Some families are early birds while others complete work after dinner. I do ask that you try to complete assignments the day they are assigned so that I can keep up with feedback and reviewing how your child is managing with the skills/concepts taught daily. If there is a problem at home or the internet/device is down, I ask that you come back to any work you have not completed yet. All work should be completed by the end of the day on Fridays. 


    Will there be a way for my child to see their classmates?

    Yes! We will utilize FlipGrid as a way to respond to prompts and have a morning meeting twice a week. They can record their response and then watch other classmates’ responses. They can “like” and “reply” to each other’s videos. Sometimes, we might also do a live TEAMS check in. You will be notified in advance if that occurs.


    Work in Phase 1 was optional. Is work in Phase 2 mandatory?

    Yes. I will be providing instruction on new content and the activities to follow up will demonstrate your child’s comprehension of these new skills and concepts. It will be important for your child to complete work so that I can determine if your child is making “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory” progress during the third trimester. There will be no letter grades provided, however, students will be recieving a "Pass" or a "Fail" at the end of Phase 2 of Distance Learning.