• Please see the schedule image and PDF below for our daily learning schedule.  Further information to note about the schedule is below.

    • My Office Hours Monday-Thursday will be 10:30-11:00 and 1:00-1:30. This is a time where I will be "live" on my laptop!  I can answer questions, provide clarification on lessons, give feedback to students, and help in any other way that your child may need it!  The best way to reach me during my Office Hours is email (adavenport@cbsd.org) or on Teams (you can chat me, or do a phone call).
    • Monday and Wednesday morning you will see a "Check-In" included on our schedule. This is a way for me to see each of the students, ask how they are doing, and be sure that everything with distance learning is going well for them. This is also a way for the students to connect with each other! These check-ins will be done mostly through Flipgrid, however at times I may schedule a live check-in on Teams (information will be given in advance if this occurs). I will usually give a prompt or topic for students to share about and respond to their classmates about on Flipgrid. Students must complete these check-ins on the scheduled days. I suggest students do them from 9-9:30 in the morning, so that all students can have their videos posted around the same time, and then can respond to each other simultaneously. However, if students are unavailable during that morning time, I ask that students complete their check-in by 8:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday evening. 
    • On the schedule, RELA = Reading & English Language Arts
    • Lessons from the Specialists will be posted on Seesaw. Lessons for the Specialists will begin on April 14th. If you have questions about Seesaw, or any of the Specialists' work, please contact them using the information below. 
      • Monday - Mrs. Griffin, Music - lgriffin@cbsd.org
      • Tuesday - Mrs. Augustine, QUEST - baugustine@cbsd.org
      • Wednesday - Mrs. Zachmann, Art - czachmann@cbsd.org
      • Thursday - Mrs. Hanna, Library - lhanna@cbsd.org
      • Friday - Mrs. Engart, Gym - rengart@cbsd.org

    Click here for link to schedule PDF: Learning Schedule PDF