• Rules


    Each day, you will log on to Teams.  In Teams, you will be able to see daily updates, morning messages, assignments, and instructions for your work.  Teams will be your main place to get all of your information and learning materials from Miss Davenport each day.





    When you are on Teams, remember- this is our virtual classroom.  The same rules and expectations that we have in our classroom and school are still expected here!  Be respectful, responsible and kind at ALL times!  Please click on the two links below for more information on CBSD's and Miss Davenport's expectations for behavior and etiquette when using our online tools and resources.


    Click here for CBSD Expectations: CBSD Teams Etiquette

    Click here for Teams Expectations for a Live Call: Teams Expectations


    Other Reminders...

    • Every Monday & Wednesday you must complete our class check-in
    • Complete and submit your assignments by the due dates found on Teams
    • The "chat" feature on Teams should ONLY be used to ask Miss Davenport questions or respond to classmates about school work.  This is not a place to connect with friends about non-school related activities, hangouts, etc.