• Distance Learning- Week of April 27th


    Reading and Math- On Your Own Learning- click link!


    Pre-Recorded Lessons and Activities for Learning



    Current Events- News to You!

    *Listen to Mrs. Van Reed’s Story and Comprehension Questions titled “Sharing Happiness”

    "Sharing Happiness"

    *Follow along and answer comprehension questions.

    *Complete Matching activity

    *Complete Geography/Sharing Activity





    *Listen to the story “Planets".

    "Planets" Story

    * Listen to Mrs. Fisher go over comprehension questions. Follow along with your own comprehension sheet.

    "Planets" comprehension

    *Listen to Mrs. Fisher complete following directions with planets. Follow along with your own following directions sheet.

    "Planets" Following Directions




    Complete on your own skills/activity sheet

    *This was emailed.