• Distance Learning Day 11, Thursday, April 2nd

    Welcome Back Butler Bears!  Stay healthy and keep up your positive energy!  Below are Distance Learning suggestions for today. Since it is conference week, these are optional, You may also go back to previous days to finish any work you did not get to.  Do the best you can, you are doing a great job!


    **All special class lessons can be found by visiting the Butler Homepage. There is a link in the NEWS FROM BUTLER section titled: Specialist Distance Learning Links. 

    Today we have QUEST, but you can visit any of the specialists sites you would like!



    Charters Crew Rubrik's cube flashback!  Keep your minds engaged and do the best that you can!




    Overview: Read and understand fiction texts and  make character connections.

    Estimated Tme: 45 Minutes

    Explanation: Read from a fiction text. This can be your independent reading book, literature circle book, or a book of your choice. You may also use Destiny Library Catalog to access ebooks.

    Three Things you know:

    1. Students are encouraged to monitor their reading comprehension as they go.

    2. Good readers think about the characters and try to make text to self connections as they read. 

    3.  When you think about a characters actions and decribe the relationship between characters, you should provide evidence to suppor tyou thinking.  

    Tasks:  Read for 30 minutes and then complete the fill out Character Connections Graphic Organizer for the reading you did today.

    Character Connections Graphic Organizer:Character Connections Graphic Organizer

    Materials:  A self selected reading book, notebook paper for taking notes (stop and jots), and Character Connections Graphic Organizer




    **You may work on the suggestions below, or ongoing writing, or free writing as well.

    Overview – Personal Narrative Writing

    Estimated Time – 25 minutes

    Explanation – In class, we have written a personal narrative and know that a personal narrative is a story about a personal experience.

    Three Quick Things to Know -

    1. A personal narrative is written in first person. Since it’s your story, you need to use “I” as you tell your story.

    2. By including vivid imagery and lots of sensory details you can make your reader feel like they are experiencing the event with you!

    3. Good personal narratives include dialogue and include emotion.

    Tasks: Using notebook paper or a computer, select another personal narrative topic to write about. You will use the Work on Writing Personal Narrative Menu to select your topic. Select one menu choice and follow the directions given. When you are finished make sure to draw a picture to go with your writing.

    Materials: Notebook paper or computer, Work on Writing Personal Narrative Menu.

    Writing Menu: Writing Menu




     Estimated Time: 45

    Explanation: You can use what you know about multiplication and division to find factors and multiples. You can identify prime and composite numbers. You can long division to solve

    Three quick things to know:

    1. A prime number has only 2 factors: 1 and itself. Example- 17 is a prime number because it only has 2 factors (1 x 17)
    2. A composite number has more than 2 different factors. Example- 6 is a composite number because it has MORE than 2 factors (1 x 6, and 2 x 3)

    3.Factors are two numbers that multiply together to make a product. For example, 4 and 5 are factors of 20 because 4 x 5 equals 20! Multiples are what we get when we multiply a whole number by another number. For example, the first 3 multiples of 5 are: 5, 10, 15. This is because 5 x 1 equals 5, 5 x 2 equals 10, and 5 x 3 equals 15. Your child has learned previously to use factor rainbows to find all the factors of a number!


    Tasks- Complete the page in your math packet called “Factors and Multiples”. If you are not sure how to answer a question, write a question mark. On the back of the “Factors and Multiples” page, please complete the page titled, “Prime and Composite”. If you are not sure how to answer a question, write a question mark. Once you have completed these 2 pages, please find your “Division of the Day” packet and complete page 1, which focuses on the problem: 544/4. In the box that says “Label It”, please label which number is the dividend and which number is the divisor! Remember, the dividend is the larger number being divided, and the divisor is the smaller number you are dividing by. In the box that says “Solve It”, please use long division to find the quotient. Then, find your “Fact Practice Menu” worksheet and pick one box from the menu to help practice your multiplication facts!

    **If completed you may work on the Fraction Word Problems here and here

    *Optional: Choose to play either the Multiple Game or the Factor Game. Both games, and directions on how to play, can be found in the back of your math packet!

    Materials/Activities: You will need your math packet that includes the ”Factors and Multiples” page, as well as the “Division of the Day” packet (page 1). Students will also need their “Fact Practice Menu”. Please reference the videos below for review on factors and multiples!

    Factors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GG1luzhhT_g

    Multiples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RALUdHy6ONk



    **You may follow the suggestion below or continue the Take a Break Tuesday Mindfulness

    Overview- Mindfulness

    Estimated Time- 30 minutes

    Explanation- In class, we have used every Friday during our Science and Social Studies block to do Fulfilling Fri-yay. This is our block of time to use mindfulness strategies or do activities that help us clear our mind. Since we have not been doing Distance learning on Friday’s, we will do “Take a Break Thursday.” To take your mind off of things, you can choose one of two options, hands-on or hands-off. Hands-on requires you to make a vision board of what you envision to happen for you in the rest of 2020 OR hands-off which is a meditation video you can do from home.

    Three Quick Things to Know-

    1. Using mindfulness requires a peaceful place without distractions. Think of a place that you complete your homework best.

    2.  Enjoy and reflect what you are grateful for.

    3. Meditation requires concentration on your breathing and dedication of time and energy into relaxation.

    Tasks- Choose whether you want to complete the “Hands-on” or “Hands-off” Mindfulness activity for today.

    Hands-on: Choose a Muffalo Potato or two.  Relax have fun and choose a character that makes you feel happy!

    Muffalo Potato Link: http://muffalopotato.com/

    Hands-off: Use a mindful body and mind and find a quiet place in your house. Practice mindfulness by following the two meditation videos attached below. Have fun and RELAX! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUUq0HuSLS0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9w7SjHaZmE

    Materials/Activities- You will need your iPad, laptop, or tablet, plain paper or poster board, and whatever coloring materials you may want to use.