• Thursday, April 2, 2020



    Day 13

     Detecting autism spectrum disorders: biomarker discoveries - On ...



    According to the National Autism Association, Autism affects 1 in 59 children. The bio-neurological developmental disability usually presents itself by the age of three, and it’s more prevalent in boys than girls. This special day also focuses on the growing need for programs to support those with autism. To learn more visit: https://nationalautismassociation.org/  


    It has been so nice connecting with some of you and I am looking forward to chatting with more of you later on in the week.  Tomorrow is Thursday of "conference week"so the plan stays the same.  Focus on Math and Special (see the homeroom teacher's website for more info).  It was a great day today and the sun finally came back. I hope you got a chance to get outside or at least stuck your head out (it was a bit cold). During phase 2 of distance learning, I am planning on using Seesaw to send activities and direct instruction videos to students. I will be posting my schedule and sending a little PPT to explain what phase 2 will "look like". Please email me at any time with questions!


    “This week’s Distance Learning activities are limited to math and special. 

    Please use the remainder of the time to catch up on activities posted during the previous two weeks. 

    Elementary teachers will be conducting conferences and planning new learning for next week’s launch of Phase 2 of the CB Distance Learning Plan.

    Thank you!”






     Freckle: I have heard some friends love Freckle so I have assigned you some reading.  Go check it out.  https://student.freckle.com/#/login  Classcode: MCGOUK  and your name is just your first name and last initial.   Ex.  Joanne M


    Epic! Epic! www.getepic.com/students CLASS CODE: nep4034  CLASS CODE: nep4034


    Kidsa-z:  to practice fluency, decoding and reading comprehension, go to Kidsa-z.com and refer to your password that I emailed you for your individually assigned reading work. If you can't find that password, just email me. :) 


    Daily writing task: If you want to keep it simple, just write about today's writing prompt of the day:https://www.theteacherscorner.net/daily-writing-prompts/april/Apr2b.pdf


    Grammar: grammar games



    Grade 2, Day 11 Math

    Overview: Time and Money

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes


    Things to know:

    1. Sit with mom, dad, grandparent or guardian, or your brother or sister to practice the activities for the day.

    2. If you do not have the supplied worksheets or access to any of the worksheets, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.

    3. More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons. I will send these sheets through email or SeeSaw.


    Explanation: You will practice telling time to the hour and half hour. You will identify coins.


    Tasks: 1. Watch this video: https://watchkin.com/1c77dfab1d

    2. Fill in the blanks with the correct time to the hour.

    3. Telling time to the half-hour. Match the clock to the correct time.

    4. Telling time to the half-hour. Write the correct time shown on an analog clock.

    5. Telling time to the hour and half-hour using digital clocks.

    6. You will identify coins.


    Extra: Only do this activity if you want more practice.

    7. Telling time to the hour and half-hour. Write the digital time shown on the analog clock.

    8. Count the coins to tell the amount. Count the coins and write the amount using dollar and cents notation.


    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: Keep it and return it to me when school resumes or Seesaw a picture!