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    Chambley Children’s Distance Learning for Day 10

    April 1, 2020

    Dear Chambley Children,

    Good morning! We are halfway through Week 3!

    Before we get started, here are a few things to keep in mind...

    -Phase 2 of Distance Learning begins April 6th.  That is when we start with new learnings.  Make sure you feel confident in Teams, SeeSaw, and accessing my district website this week so you are ready.  This part of distance learning is mandatory, meaning “yes, you have to.”  

    -There will be new math & specials lessons posted all week.  I will put up a few reading and writing tasks but they will be more spaced out.  Please use this week to complete your assignments from the past two weeks so you will be all up to date when new learning begins. Please make sure you can access SeeSaw, either through the code I sent your parents Week 1 over Remind, or over Clever.

    -At the top of my district learning page I have linked to all other teachers you might have as part of your school day.  Visit their pages for more information. Math should be almost the same for all of us, however there might be different optional activities listed.  

    -I miss you. 

    -Go outside today.  I see SUN!!  Trust me, it is good for our minds and bodies.

    Here we go…

    Starting the Day: It is Time for Homeroom!

    Please complete the following “Homeroom Activities.”

    • Wake up Sleepyhead! 
    • Make your bed. Pick up your dirty clothes from yesterday.  Make sure you are ready for a new week!
    • Brush your teeth, clean your face, fix your hair, eat your breakfast, clear your breakfast dishes, and put some clean clothes on!
    • Give your family hugs, especially your parents.
    • Prepare your workspace for a new day.   
    • Sharpen your pencils.
    • Complete page ten in your handwriting packet.
      • Trace each letter and word.  Make sure you are filling in each line on the page. I will be asking to see pictures of your completion so please don’t get behind on this assignment.

    1st Period: Math:

    Link to Mr. Mole's Math Page for those students in his class:  www.cbsd.org/molenariville

    Link to Mrs. Angelo's Page for her Math Lessons: Mrs. Angelo's site

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Link to Mrs. Regec's Page for her Math lessons: Mrs. Regec's site 

    Day 10 Chambley Math:


    DAY #10:


    Overview:  Order of Operations


    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes


    Explanation:   Today you will review Order of Operations. 


    Things to know:

    • To review Order of Operations, please reference Ed: Your Friend in Learning online, or your workbook pages 63-74 (Chapter 1).
    • Please visit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/1511 to access tutorial videos related to accessing online Math in Focus resources.
    • If you do not have the supplied worksheets for this day, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.



    • Order of Operations Worksheet:
      • Complete all 3 Order of Operations Worksheets
    • Extra #1 : Only do this activity if you want more practice: play “Kakooma” at https://www.gregtangmath.com/kakooma
    • Extra # 2: play “Expresso” at http://www.gregtangmath.com/expresso
    • Bonus: Play 10-20 minutes of Moby Max.  mobymax.com I have selected several skills that would be good for our class to polish up on in the Math tab.


    How is this assignment turned into the teacher? Submit worksheets over assignment tab.  As always, you can email them or send over remind or SeeSaw if you have any trouble.  If you play Moby, Mrs. C will be able to tell so no need to hand anything in.


    SNACK TIME: It is nice to have a long snack session! You can take your time before “lining up” for special. Have something healthy and do something fun.  Try eating outside!


    2nd Period: Special: Music


    For Music activities, please visit Mrs. Mudry's website located here


    3rd Period: Writing:

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Day 10 Chambley Writing


    • Make sure you sent me your cover from yesterday.
    • Today is a creative assignment! You will be typing a friendly letter for the residents of SpringHouse Estates. This is an assisted living facility and a nursing home. Both my mom and dad live there.  None of the residents are allowed out or allowed to have visitors during this quarantine.  I’m sure you can imagine that they are very lonely.  You will write your friendly letter to “Dear Friend,”  and just fill it with fun and hopeful messages.   Please put in some of your jokes.  They always make me laugh.  Pictures are a must!  Cut and Paste the pictures into the Word Document. 
    • Today is a rough draft, tomorrow you will revise, edit, and email to me and I will get the cards to the residents. You will be doing a wonderfully good dead for many people.  Please see the friendly letter resource paper in Teams.

    How is this assignment turned into the teacher?

    Submit your cover over Teams or Office 365. Save your friendly letter draft to work on tomorrow.


    4th Period: Lunch/Recess:

    Go Outside and Play or Have a Brain Break Inside


    5th Period: Reading

    Link to Mrs. Lichorobiec's Page for her lessons: Mrs. L's site 

    Day 10: Chambley Reading

    1. Please make sure you watched the Fact & Opinion video yesterday on Brain Pop
    2. Please take out your 2nd reading packet. It says “Paraphrase” on the front of it
      1. Please complete Lesson 12 that you began yesterday that begins on page 57. It is called Statements of Fact & Opinion.  Complete pages 58 to the end.
      2. Remember that in these packets, the notes at the top of the first page of each lesson are super important.
    3. Click on the Independent Reading Assignment Listed for today in Teams. There is a copy of our Reading Log on there that you can type right on.  If that proves difficult, then print it out and use it at home this week to record your reading. 
    4. Complete Your Independent Reading
    • YAY! It is finally time for IR.  Please read for at least 30 minutes today.  If it is nice outside, try reading outside.  You know the importance of IR in our Chambley world.  Make this time super serious and super silent. 
    1. Optional: Post on Teams about what you are reading for IR
      1. Don’t forget about the possibility of using EPIC for eBooks and audiobooks.
      2. I also sent your parents a link over Remind to free audio books through Audible


    • Log in to our Reading Teams Site
    • Remember to use Mrs. Jansen’s website if you need help accessing anything from home

    Method for Turning in:

    I will see your progress on Moby. Keep your reading packet in your folder. Log your IR minutes on your log in the assignments tab in our Readings Team’s page.

    6th Period: Social Studies:

    Tasks: In honor of National Pasta Day, please watch this brief informational video about spaghetti.  It is quite interesting.


    Last Period: It is Time for Dismissal! 

    Day 10:  YOU DID IT!

    Love you all my Chambleys.  Have a great night & a great weekend!


    Mrs. Chambley