• Zones of Regulation



    The Zones of Regulation curriculum (or "Zones" for short), is a group of lessons and activities designed by Leah Kuypers, licensed occupational therapist, to help children gain skills in the area of self-regulation.                                                    Self-regulation can go by many names, such as self-control, self management, and impulse control.

    The lessons and learning activities are designed to help students recognize when they are in each zone as well as learn how to use strategies to change or stay in the zone they are in. In addition to addressing self-regulation, students will gain an increased vocabulary of emotional terms, skills in reading other people’s facial expressions, perspective about how others see and react to their behavior, insight into events that trigger their behavior, calming and alerting strategies, and problem-solving skills.

    Introduction to Zones for parents

    Breathing Strategies

    Size of My Problem

    The Incredible 5-pt Scale