• Distance Learning Plan - Spanish

    Date:  Tuesday, March 31st, 2020


    Please see the lesson details below and email me with any questions!


     Estimated Time: Approximately 45 minutes (or less)


    Explanation (learning goal): 

    • Review how to express what happened in the past in Spanish; Reinforce vocabulary.


    Materials :  https://www.cbsd.org/canvas


    Method of Communication:





    1. Discussion Board –¿Qué hiciste durante el fin de semana?  Read and comment on two classmates’ posts (en español)


    1. Pretérito vs. Imperfecto: 


    • Take this test:



    • ¿Qué tal?  How did it go?  Comment in the text box.


    1. Online Textbook:  U1D3 Gramática 2

    Please note – you will submit this under “Modules” tab in Canvas.  You will also see 2 activities previously assignedIf you did not complete these activities last week, please do so:  U1D3 Texto/ U1D3 Comunicación


    1.  Mania Músical de marzo