• Academic ELA-A:




    Students will reflect on their entertainment viewing habits, read an article about binge-watching, and respond to a discussion board in Canvas.



    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



    Students will think about and respond to the question: What have you been binge-watching during our time at home and what platform have you used to watch it?

    Students will access Scholastic Scope online and will read the article "The Truth About Binge-Watching"

    Students will take a short, formative quiz based on the reading.

    Students will post and respond to a discussion board question as their closure.


    3 Quick Things to Know:  

    1.  Writers react to the world around them and reflect on their experiences.
    2.  Close reading allows us to understand the perspectives of other people.
    3. Discussing a topic helps us know ourselves and others better.


    • Submit a response either through picture, video, or typed response in Canvas.
    • Access and read the article "The Truth About Binge Watching"
    • Take a brief quiz about the content of the article on Canvas.
    • Participate in a discussion board on Canvas.




    GO TO YOUR CLASS'S CANVAS PAGE:  Begin with START HERE and LISTEN TO THE SCREENCAST for instructions.  THEN, click NEXT work your way through the entire module through the LAST Closure activity.

     Period 3 and 6

    Periods 4, 5, and 7