• This week’s Distance Learning activities are limited to math and special.  Please use the remainder of the time to catch up on activities posted during the previous two weeks (reading bingo, animal research paragraph, Scholastic Resources, daily fluency practice etc.).  Elementary teachers will be conducting conferences and planning new learning for next week’s launch of Phase 2 of the CB Distance Learning Plan.

    Gayman Distance Learning page:  https://www.cbsd.org/Page/47791

    Today is Tuesday, March 31.  Our special for today is Quest.  Please check Gayman’s Distance Learning Page for specific activities.

     Grade 2, Day 9 Math: Shapes and Patterns

     Things to know:

    1. If you do not have the supplied worksheets or access to any of the worksheets, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.
    2. More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons. I will put these sheets on Seesaw.

     Activity 1:

    Overview: Shapes and Patterns

    Explanation:  Practice flat and solid shapes.


    1. Identify, name, and color given shapes.
    2. Match each shape with its name.
    3. Draw lines on shapes to show smaller shapes inside.
    4. Use clues to find and name shapes.

    Extra: Only do this activity if you want more practice.

    1. Write the number of solid shapes found in a model.
    2. Continue to extend a shape pattern.

    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: Place work in a folder or large Ziplock baggie.