• English 9:

    Overview - Complete IReady practice on "Eliminating wordiness" within a sentence.  

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - You will work on practicing how to eliminate wordiness within a passage and sentences.  to access this worksheet follow the follwoing steps:

    1. Go to our Reading class on Canvas 
    2. Scroll down to the I-Ready modules
    3. Click on "Elimiating wordiness within passages"
    4. You can complete these practice questions on a piece of lined paper or within a Word Document.
    5. Once you complete this practice, check your work.

    Quick things to know - To access this practice activity, you must go to our Reading class on Caanvas and scroll down to "Ready Lessons".  Once you are there, look for the module labled "Elimiating wordiness within passages"

    • Complete activity/write down answers on a separate sheet of lined paper OR type answers in a Word document.

    Tasks - Complete "Elimiating wordiness within a passage" practice activity.

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link




    READING 9:

    Overview - Continue to practice Theme on IReady.

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - Continue/finish the teacher assignmed "Theme" lessons on IReady.  This activity should only take you 30 minutes.  If you do not complete the remaining theme lessons within this time frame, that is okay!  You will have time scheduled next week to finish the remaining I-Ready lessons. 

    Quick things to know - Please continue to try your best on these lessons.  While they are not graded, I am monitoring your progress online.

    Tasks - Complete additonal "Theme Practice" IReady lessons online.

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link