• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview:

    Hi kids,

    Please review the following powerpoint notes on Alexander the Great. I would like you to then write 1 paragraph (6-8 sentences) on whether or not you think ATG is more a hero or a villain. Be sure to include details from your notes and anything else from class. It should be persuasive, so say things like, "I believe ATG is a hero because.......". Check your spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Please write your response in the text box below. Good luck!

    Peace.Love.Good Vibes.

    ATG_Alexander the Great.pptx

    2. Time: 25-30 minutes

    3. Explanation:Please refresh your memory on the topic of Alexander the Great. Powerpoint is attached for you. Please create a one paragraph on whether or not you think ATG is more a hero or a villian. Please use details from your notes as well as your opinions.

    4. Things to know: Powerpoint is attached. One paragraph should be between 6-8 sentences.

    5. Tasks: Skim your notes, and write your paragraph in 6-8 sentences on whether or not you think ATG is a hero or a villian.

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