• 2nd Grade Reading: Menu: Day 8:

    Overview: Generate a list of short /a/ sound words

    Estimated Time: Approximately 15-20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will generate a list of words with the short /a/ sound. You may use colored pencils, markers, crayons, or chalk

    Things to Know: Show a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult your list after you have completed it. You may generate some together and check for spelling.


    • Get a piece of paper 
    • Generate a rough draft of 10-15 /a/ words 
    • Have a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult check your list
    • Have student choose an art supply to write their good copy of /a/ words

    2nd Grade Reading: Reading A-Z: Grab Bag

    Overview: Read independent level book 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will choose one of your independent leveled books that is in your grab bag, and then complete one activity that goes with your reading.  

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to practice reading fluently and accurately. Directions should be read allowed to student to ensure they know the expectation of the activity. 


    • Pick 1 book from grab bag 
    • After book has been chosen, pick 1 activity to go along with your reading
    • Read book silently to self, pointing to ever word
    • If adult or sibling is available read to them, showing them your best reading skills (pointing to all words, turning pages, stretching words by sounds, and fluently reading the text)
    • Then complete the activity that you have chosen

    ***Note: Students should read the book each time before completing the activity for that day. Read the same book each day until all activities have been complete. Then move on to another book. Skipping around from book to book before completing all activities can confuse students and cause them to mix up events, characters, and other story elements.

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  • 2nd Grade Writing: Writing Journal: Calendar 

    Overview: Using capital letters and punctuation properly 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will write an acrostic poem with the word March. Each letter should have a sentence next to it, having to do with March. Starting with a letter within the word March. For example, M- March 19th is the first day of Spring!

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to help generate ideas and check for proper capitalization and punctuation 


    • Look at the date: March 30th 
    • Each day you should put the date and a title for your prompt 
    • Focus on capitalization at the beginning of your sentences and differing punctuation at the end. (., !, ?)
    • Have fun and share with someone!
    • Feel free to always draw a picture to go along with your writing!
    • Share these with me, when we return, or over email. 
Writing Prompts