• 1st Grade Reading: Reading and Writing Menu: Column 2

    Overview: Read with expression 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 15 minutes 

    Explanation: You will read with expression to someone at home or record yourself on SeeSaw

    Things to Know: You will need a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to read with. Make sure to read with expression. Make your voice change, stop at the different punctuation, and pause at commas. 


    • Read the book to one of the individuals listed above
    • If someone is not avaliabel record yourself on SeeSaw!
    • Try to use a new book that interests you!

    1st Grade Reading: Reading A-Z: Grab Bag

    Overview: Read independent level book 

    Estimated Time: 20 minutes 

    Explanation: You will choose one of your independent leveled books that is in your grab bag, and then complete one activity that goes with your reading.  

    Things to Know: Sit with a parent, guardian, sibling, or adult to practice reading fluently and accurately. Directions should be read allowed to student to ensure they know the expectation of the activity. 


    • Pick 1 book from grab bag 
    • After book has been chosen, pick 1 activity to go along with your reading
    • Read book silently to self, pointing to every word
    • If adult or sibling is available read to them, showing them your best reading skills (pointing to all words, turning pages, stretching words by sounds, and fluently reading the text)
    • Then complete the activity that you have chosen

    ***Note: Students should read the book each time before completing the activity for that day. Read the same book each day until all activities have been complete. Then move on to another book. Skipping around from book to book before completing all activities can confuse students and cause them to mix up events, characters, and other story elements. 

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  • 1st grade math: place value, ordering numbers, and number patterns:

    Estimated Time for Activities: Approximately 30 minutes

    Things to know:

    • Sit with mom, dad, grandparent or guardian, or your brother or sister to practice.
    • The first one is done for you on the sheets that will be sent through email. Please refer to your homeroom teachers emails, as they have already sent the materials.
    • If you do not have the supplied worksheets or access to any of the worksheets, it is fine to create your own based off the supplied worksheets.
    • More specific directions are provided on each sheet/activity that goes along with these lessons. I will send these sheets through email.

    Activity 1:

    Overview: Make a 10 and count on to write the number.

    Explanation: You will circle to make a 10 in a given picture. You will then count on to find the total number to match.


    • Circle to make a 10.
    • Count on from 10.
    • Write each number you found when counting.

    Activity 2:

    Overview: Make a 10 and write the number and number word to match.

    Explanation: Making a ten and counting on from 10 to identify “ten and some more” to make a number.


    • Make a 10 from the given picture by circling the 10.
    • Count on from 10.
    • Write each number you found when counting and its number word to match.

    Activity 3:

    Overview: Place Value Practice

    Explanation: Using a given number, you will tell the value of the tens and ones in each number.


    • Write the value of the tens and ones in a number.
    • Draw the base ten blocks to prove your answer.