• Date: 03/30/2020  

    Functional Academics

    Weekend Highlights - Click on the link to see the message from Mr. Castelli and respond with what you did over the weekend. Feel free to ask a question or comment back to me or your classmates.  https://flipgrid.com/7dac5e50

    Task: Read the Coronavirus story with a family member and complete game, review, puzzle, sudoku, and think page. If you do not have a printer you can read the story on the computer and write your answers on paper to what applies.

    Method of Communication: We will have a class discussion tomorrow on the Teams app on your device about the story. I will send you an invite by e-mail to join a teams meeting. 

    Independent Living

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes 

    Task: The students will make their own meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) for today with what they have at home in their kitchen.

    Lunch idea: Lunch Meat Sandwich. Click on the link and type in your ID to follow the instructions in the video. https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/grids/2864817/topics/8095036

    Method of Communication: Respond back with a video on FlipGrid with what you made for lunch.  


    Overview- Sorting and Counting Tasks

    Estimated Time- 45 minutes

    Tasks- Click on the link for directions.

    Sorting- https://flipgrid.com/4f16afc3

    Counting- https://flipgrid.com/41bc4e39

    Method of Communication: Send me a response back with a video practicing vocational activity.

    *Modified/Extension activity- https://flipgrid.com/dda3dfa1