• Academic ELA-A:




    Students will continue the routine of their weekly self-generative writing.

    Students will review capitalization rules and take a formative quiz.



    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



    Students will upload their journal entry document from Monday March 23-Thursday March 26th into Canvas.

    Students will view the writer's notebook power point prompt for today.  

    Students will respond to the prompt in a word document.  Their response will be at least 200 words.

    Students will then write about any topic of their choice for another 200 words in the same word document.

    Students will upload their writer's notebook entry to Canvas.

    Students will watch a Brain Pop video reviewing the rules of capitalization.

    After viewing the video, students will take a quiz on Canvas based on the capitalization Brain Pop review video.


    3 Quick Things to Know:  

    1. Writers react to the world around them and reflect on their experiences.
    2. Writers know the rules of correct conventions.
    3. Writers employ correct conventions in order to clearly convey their message to the world.


    • Submit word documents through Canvas.
    • Write and reflect.
    • Navigate to the Brain Pop website to view a movie.
    • Complete the closure quiz.



    GO TO YOUR CLASS'S CANVAS PAGE:  Begin with START HERE and LISTEN TO THE SCREENCAST for instructions.  THEN click NEXT work your way through the entire module through the LAST Closure activity.

     Period 3 and 6

    Periods 4, 5, and 7