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    Lesson Date: April 3rd (Friday)

    You may choose to work on lessons from previous weeks.  From the homepage, on the left sidebar, click the dropdown arrow under Distance Learning to see lessons from earlier weeks.

    For a list of some fun sites with online books to read, watch or listen to, click on Online Resources for Independent Reading.  Please be aware that links and content may change since the publishing of this list.

    Looking for ways to strengthen your library skills without using technology?  You can substitute this activity for any of the grade level lessons below:

    Choose a book(s) that you have not read before.  Read for at least 15-20 minutes.  Record in a journal the title of the book, the author of the book, how long you read, and what you enjoyed the most about those parts of the book.  Bring your reading journal to the library the next time you have library class.


    Kindergarten: Mrs. Moran introduced you to Wiggles the Bookworm who showed you some ways to take good care of your books.  Today you will think about how to take care of library books, listen to a funny story about a monster who eats books and you can even make your own monster bookmark!  Click HERE to get to these fun things to do!


    Grade 1: True or False... purple cows can jump higher than brown cows? If you said "false" you are right and you know the difference between fiction and nonfiction!  Today you will think about the difference between fiction and nonfiction and you might choose to use BookFlix to see both kinds of writing.  Click HERE for directions.


    Grade 2: Do you know your ABCs?  Knowing how to use alphabetical order is an important skill in the library.  Today you will practice alphabetical order and think about how it is used in a library.  Click HERE for activities.  


    Grade 3: Love a mystery?  Like a spine tingling scary story?  Enjoy time travel?  Each of these are a fiction "genre."  Today you will think about different fiction genre and how to find them in the library.  Then, create your own spine label sticker for your favorite genre!  Click HERE to get started.

    • Download Genre worksheet


    Grade 4: What do monkeys and miniature horses have in common?  They are both used as service animals for people with disabilities.  Want to know more?  Click HERE for directions about how to use World Book to learn more and read a book about monkeys working as service animals.


    Grade 5: How do good digital citizens use images and media created by others?  Today you will review what it means to be a good digital citizen when you use images and information you find online.  Click HERE to begin.


    Grade 6: This infographic shows some ways to be a good digital citizen.  The citation for the infographic is found below the image.  That shows good digital citizenship and respect for copyright.  Click HERE to find out how understanding copyright can help you.   

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