1.  All Special Class lessons can be found by visiting the Butler Homepage.

    • There is a LINK in the NEWS FROM BUTLER section titled: Specialist Distance Learning Links.
    • Please note:  Your child can CHOOSE what special they would like to complete on any given day for 20 minutes.  
      • Monday - Gym
      • Tuesday - Art
      • Wednesday - QUEST
      • Thursday - Library
      • Friday - Music

    2. Distance Learning WILL BE reinforcing secure skills.  I will NOT be introducing new concepts.

    3. Students are NOT graded and/or penalized if assignments are not completed.

    4.  Feedback WILL BE given. Suggested ways to receive feedback are:  Email Me OR use Seesaw to share photos, videos, and/or any messages. 

    5. I will be relying on Seesaw to help us stay connected.  I will be posting videos DAILY to say hello and to share other important information.

    6.  BUTLER created a READ ALOUD FORUM for students to hear books read by teachers.  Check it out by clicking on this link: https://wke.lt/w/s/mfffPu


    MATH - DAY #8

    Overview:  Adding and Subtracting Decimals 

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:   Today you will review Adding and Subtracting Decimals.  Then, you will play Decimal Victory to practice decimal comparisons.

    Things to know:

    • When adding and subtracting decimals, remember to line up the decimals, which will line up your place values.
    • To review Adding and Subtracting Decimals, please reference Ed: Your Friend in Learning online to access the workbook pages within Chapter 4.
      • To find your workbook pages within Chapter 4 go to ED YOUR FRIEND IN LEARNING App 
      • In your child's RED DISTANCE LEARNING Folder is a flyer titled "Parent Information - Home Access for Technology" with specific instructions how to access this app and others from home.
    • Please visit https://www.cbsd.org/Page/1511 to access tutorial videos related to accessing online Math in Focus resources.
    • There are no pre-made worksheets to complete on Seesaw today.


    1. Complete the Math Packet that is in your Red Distance Learning Folder for Monday - Week 4 (Week 4 can be found in the bottom right-hand corner)  
      • Please check your answers using the Answer Key packet. 
      • OPTIONAL:  Complete the questions for Friday and/or the Challenge Problem throughout the week.
    2. Self-made Questions:
      • Shuffle your set of number cards.
      • Flip over 3 cards and place them in front of you in a horizontal line. Flip over 3 more cards and place these under each of the first three.  Add a decimal to each number either after the first or second digit. 
      • On a separate piece of paper, add and subtract the decimal numbers you created.
      • Repeat 3 times. You will have 6 problems on your separate of paper.    
    3. Decimal Detective:
      • Locate 8 ways that decimals are used around your house. Share with some else at least 3 of those ways.  As a follow up question, “How do decimals (particularly the adding and subtracting of decimals) impact of daily lives?”
        • You do not need to write this answer down, please just discuss.
    4. Optional Activity:  Play “Maze: Four Operations of Decimals” on Ed: Your Friend in Learning
      • Decimal Victory Game:
        • Shuffle your set of number cards.
        • Flip over 4 cards and place them in front of you in a horizontal line.
        • Add a decimal marker between two of the digits to make a number with a decimal.
        • Considering the remining digits in the pile, make 1 number that would be larger than the number in front of you. (Add the decimal numbers on a separate sheet)
        • Considering the remining digits in the pile, make 1 number that would be smaller than the number in front of you. (Add and Subtract the decimal numbers on a separate sheet)

    Method of Communication: How the Assignment will be turned into Mrs. Halpin?

    • At the END of the week (THURSDAY), you will go onto TEAMS and complete a Math Reflection Sheet and answer the following three questions.
      1. Name TWO things you learned this week.
      2. Name ONE GLOW for the week.
      3. Name ONE GROW for the week. 


    READING - DAY #8

    Overview:  Independent Reading Time

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes

    Explanation:  Today you will be using your reading strategies to "Stop and Think" about the chapter book you are reading at home.  


    1. Choose a chapter book and read for 20-30 minutes.

     Method of Communication:  How the Assignment will be turned in to Mrs. Halpin?

    • There will be NO READING REFLECTION this week.


    WRITING - DAY #8

    Overview:  Fragments / April Writing Prompts

    Estimated Time: Approximately 25 minutes

    Explanation:  Today you will continue to focus on fragments along with continuing to complete any of the April Writing Prompts.

    Things to know:

    • The following vocabulary can be used while completing the tasks for today.
      • Fragments:  a sentence that is either missing a subject (noun) or a predicate (verb).


    1. Complete Grammar Packet p. 15 and 16
      • Use Grammar Packet in RED Distance Learning Folder
      • Follow the directions on each page to complete the task for sentence fragments.
    2. Choose ONE April Writing Prompt and respond to the question asked.
      • The April Writing Prompts are pictured below as well as can be found on
        • Go onto Seesaw-click the Activity Tab to see the April Writing Prompts
      • You can respond in the following ways:
        • Write your response in a notebook that you have at home.
        • Word document on TEAMS

    Method of Communication: How the Assignment will be turned into Mrs. Halpin?

    • On THURSDAY, you will pick at least ONE of your Aril Writing Prompt written responses to share with me either on SEESAW or you can type up one of your prompts using the WORD DOCUMENT I created for you on

     April Prompts