• Tuesday, March 31, 2020- Day 9


    6th Grade Prealgebra Distance Learning Activity, Day 9: Math


    Overview: This lesson provides a review of proportion

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:  You will solve problems using proportions.

    Things to know:

    1. Proportion: An equation stating two ratios or rates are equal.
    2. Property of Proportion


    1. Example 1

     Day 9

    Example 2


    1. Cross products provide one way to solve for an unknown value in the proportion



    1. Review the Things to Know above and make sure you understand the examples
    2. Watch the following video, take any notes you find helpful in understanding the concept of solving proportions. The video highlights a few ways to solve a proportion.  You only need to understand one way that works well for you.


    1. Watch the following video, take any notes you find helpful in understanding how to set up a proportion from a word problem. This video only shows how to set up a proportion that could be used to solve a variety of problems.


    1. Complete the odd number problems from the proportion practice I provided to you for this lesson. If you do not have a printer, complete your work on notebook paper. I will provide feedback on this assignment and ask you to correct any problems you did not get correct.
    2. EXTRA – Only complete if you want more practice.

    Complete the even number problems from the practice sheet.


    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: Seesaw



    Day 9: Reading

    Overview: Read and identify key elements of the setting.

    Estimated Time:   Approximately 45 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: Using your Tuck Everlasting packet you will complete the activities for day 7 on the reading guide.

    Quick things to know


    1. Read Tuck Everlasting chapters 11-13
    2. Throughout your reading of the novel
      1. Keep track of elements of realism and fantasy (packet page 7)
      2. Jot down a description and supporting text evidence (packet page 8)
      3. Keep track of each character’s feelings about living forever (packet page 9)

    3.Illustrate a Setting page 24 in your packet

    1. There are three important settings, Treegap, The Wood and the Pond.  Choose one of them to illustrate.  You can refer back to you book (pages 5, 24, or 60)


    -Use your Tuck Everlasting book and packet that you brought home in your grab bag.

    -If you do not have access to your Tuck Everlasting packet, I have included it as an assignment in Teams under reading. You can just use separate sheets of paper to complete the assignments.


    Method of Communication/How this assignment is turned into the teacher: 

    -  Please reach out to me with any questions via email: tfitzmaurice@cbsd.org You can access your email account through Outlook in 365. 

    - When you are finished take a picture of one of the activities above and post to the Reading Day 9 Activity in Seesaw



    Writing: Day 9

    Overview: Begin good copy of picture book pages.

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: Using the packet titled, “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” you will follow Day 7 on the schedule.

    Things to Know: Your entire “Illustration and Scene Narration Organizer” should be complete. Today, you are beginning the good copy of your picture book. Please be sure that all words are written first in pencil and then traced in pen or marker. Please draw all pictures in pencil first and then color them in using crayons or colored pencils. All white space should be filled/colored in on all good copy pages. Feel free to let your creativity shine!


    2. Follow Day 7 (I’m sorry that I made a mistake on the numbered days and will try to be as specific as possible in the directions) on the schedule page of your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment”

    3. Day 7 instructs you to complete the good copy of Scene/Pages 1. You can make the good copy on a piece of plain white computer paper that is in your “grab bag”

    6. Remember, all words must be written in pencil first and then traced in pen or marker. All pictures must be drawn in pencil first and then colored in with crayon or colored pencil.

    7. If you are finished early and are looking for additional practice, go onto your MobyMax account and work on Language


    2. Use your “Directions for Picture Book Assignment” packet that you brought home in your grab bag

    3. Use a blank sheet of white computer paper from your grab bag.


    Method of Communication/How this assignment is turned into the teacher:

    2. The final picture book assignment will be handed-in in-person when we return to school. We will share our final picture books in small groups.



    Social Studies

    Overview: Begin one pager for Chapter 15

    Estimated Time: Approximately 20 minutes

    Explanation of Assignment: Using the one pager direction worksheet that was sent home with students in their grab back OR view on the Social Studies Team>Files>Class Materials>One Pager for Social Studies, you will begin to sketch and brainstorm ideas for your one pager.

    Things to Know: You will have 3 days (totaling 60 minutes) to complete the one pager. A one-pager project will let you share your thoughts and important information about a topic and include artistic elements. Your final project should resemble a magazine cover, with large clear images, block lettering and a balanced layout. The more creative you allow yourself to be, the more you will inspire others to learn about this topic.


    1. Read ‘One Pager for Social Studies’ directions that can be found in you grab bag or on Teams.

    2. Using a blank sheet of paper that was provided in the grab bag begin to include the following:

    · title of chapter and headings

    · important vocabulary defined

    · a description of the setting (when and where)

    · 5 adjective you would use to describe the time period

    · at least 3 drawings, symbols, or images, that represent the time period – use color, be creative, be neat, fill the page!


    3. You do not need to post anything on Seesaw today. Final one pager should be posted on Thursday to Social Studies April 2 activity.


    1. Refer to your purple History Alive interactive notebook that you brought home in your grab bag and the TCI text. Both can be accessed digitally.

    2. Refer to Social Studies one pager on teams to view assignment details.