• Physical Education

    Overview: A game for 2 to 6 players. Teams take turns hitting a ball with their palm onto the other team's side of the court. Similar to paddle ball on the beach.

    Estimated Time: 

    10-15 minutes to an hour

    Explanation of Activity: 

    Create a court with two equal sides and a line drawn down the middle similar to the attached picture. Use chalk or just divide the driveway in half with a rope. You will need a ball that can bounce (volleyballs or a rubber ball filled with air work best)

    Game Play:

    • Play begins with a serve. Serving player must let the ball bounce before hitting it with an open palm to the opponent's side of the court. All palm strikes MUST be underhand, so the ball must always be contacted below the waist.
    • Once the ball is served, teams take turns hitting the ball to the opponents side of the court.
    • A point is awarded if:
      • The ball bounces twice on one side before being returned
      • A ball is hit directly out of bounds
      • A ball is hit from an overhand position
      • A ball is hit but bounces on your own side 
    • The player who wins a point gets to make the next serve
    • Play games to 7,11 or 15
    • The game can be played 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3

    Modification - If you have paddles or racquets go ahead and use them and a tennis ball instead of your hand!


    Things to know:

    Be mindful of modifications you can make for players of different skill or grade levels.


    Did you make any other game modifications? Be creative! If you come up with some cool changes to the game let me know! email me at jbocklet@cbsd.org

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