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    Relaxation Techniques



    Relaxation Activities: Mindful coloring

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    Calming Down Using Intense Physical Activity

    Using physical activity to burn energy out is a distraction strategy that can work really well

    Bounce on a ball

    Jump / Skip jumping

    Go for a run / Get your child to run around a piece of furniture if you can’t go out

    Go bike riding

    Dance like there’s no tomorrow!


    Use Sensory Strategies to calm down

    *Look at the relaxing motion of a lava lamp

    *Use lights to calm down at night such as a night light projector

    *Soothing noises, like the ones you hear in nature

    *Use a sensory bottle

    *An indoor swing (the back and forth movement of a swing is extremely soothing)

    *Enjoy the rocking input from a rocking chair

    *Essential Oils

    Many kids find deep pressure touch very calming. These are some examples of items that provide deep pressure input:

    Weighted Blankets   ∼  Weighted Vest   ∼   Weighted stuffed animal