Corona Cabaret - Holiday Edition will be held Tuesday 12/22 at 7pm!

     What is the Corona Cabaret?

    It's Back!  One of the favorite ways the Tamanend community stayed connected last Spring has returned! What better way to stay connected than through music? Consider joining us for a Tamanend Corona Cabaret* to lift your spirits!  The Corona Cabaret gives Tamaennd community members a chance to experience the excitement of performance from the comfort of their homes, using Microsoft Teams.  Those who don't have Teams can download the app on a computer or phone, or even join in from the web using the link below.  Here's how it works:

    Performers - Singers, Instrumentalists, Poets, Actors, Dancers, Comedians, etc. - if you would like to share a short performance (3-4 minutes or less is ideal), sign up HERE for the December Cabaret! Please note that I may need to limit the number of performers in order to keep the evening manageable, so sign up as soon as you have a plan!  Feel free to incorporate family members!  Each performance must include a Tamanend student OR faculty/staff member, but you are welcome to add other household family members to your performance!  Performers, please also read HERE for tech tips that we've figured out...

    Audience Members - All you have to do is click HERE to join the 'meeting.'  We will try to start right about 7pm, so be sure to join before then to see the entire performance!  Audience members do not need to be Tamanend students.  Families, friends, teachers, etc. are welcome!  Just send them the link!  Some etiquette notes:  

    • You have the capability to turn your video camera and microphone on and off.  Please turn both off during performances.
    • Mr. Sanchez will help keep all mics off when it's time to start the event and before each performance.  As soon as a performance is done, please turn your mic ON and applaud!
    • You can use the chat window to show your support for performers!
    • All Corona Cabarets will be recorded by Mr. Sanchez for reference.  Please keep in mind this is a school function, so all school rules still apply!
    • Performers are invited to share a recording of their performance as well, for the Tamanend Chorus YouTube Channel.  AND for the Holiday Edition - we hope to share these performances with local nursing homes/assisted living centers as well.
    • Have fun supporting each other!


    *100% of the credit for both this great idea and catchy name goes to Mrs. Rogers, the chorus teacher at Lenape!