• ALL GRADES – Sidewalk Chalk Fitness Course

    Physical Education

    Overview: Create a path on your driveway using different colors. Label each different color with a fitness exercise. Travel the entire path and perform the fitness activity you selected for each part of the path. 

    Estimated Time: 

    10-15 minutes to an hour

    Explanation of Activity: Write down a list of fitness exercises you want to be part of your course. Be creative in the way you draw each part of the path as it relates to the exercise you wish it to represent. Use dice, or draw numbers out of a hat to decide how many times you need to travel through the course. Make sure to play some music too!

    Quick things to know: 

    Feel free to change the exercises for each part of the course. Create your own exercises too. Here is a list of ideas:

    • Bear crawls
    • hopping (1 foot or 2)
    • cartwheels
    • Crab walks
    • Jogging, running, skipping, shuffling
    • jumping jack walks

    Reflection: Can you design your own course at home? If you do, please send pics and a description to Mr. Bocklet @ jbocklet@cbsd.org. I want to see what you come up with!

Fitness course