• Subject Area

    Grade 1- Lessons for Day 7


    Please see your math teacher’s website.

    Language Arts (Writing)

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes


    Overview: Continue working and writing your SIGHT WORDS, Opinion Writing




    Write these sight words- your, we, can, not, what


    *Practice writing your words.  Make flash cards, write them in different colors, or skywrite them😊


    Opinion Writing- complete organizer


    Online Resource:  Check out Seesaw.

    *Practice sight word- what

    *Sort Facts and Opinions- Seasons





    Estimated Time: 45 minutes


    Overview:  Read a story using your reading strategies.  You will be implementing your decoding skills and applying your reading strategies, as good readers do.


    Assignment:  Pick a story to read at home or listen to a story. Use the reading strategy of “Monitoring Comprehension.”  Think about what is happening in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.


    Write your events on Seesaw or on paper.


    Online Resources:  Seesaw- Reading organizer


    Go to BookFlix and listen to a story or scholastic


    Social Studies/Science

    Please see your homeroom teacher’s website.


    Look for assignments from your Art, Library, Music, QUEST and Physical Education Teachers too 😊