• Academic ELA-A:




    Students will continue the routine of their weekly self-generative writing.

    Students will download a t-chart to type into.

    Students will read 4 additional articles about the banning/not banning of balloons.

    Students will record reasons and evidence from each article into their t-chart.

    Students will upload their t-charts.

    Students will write a counterclaim to your claim which includes a reason that they can easily and confidently refute.



    Estimated Time: 30 Minutes



    Students will download this week's journal document and continue to keep a journal of this unprecedented time in their lives.  They should write for 8 minutes each day about their experiences.

    Students will continue to review argumentative writing techniques and recall their instruction about evidence to discover additional reasons and the supporting evidence in non-fiction text.

    Students will recall how to create a counterclaim and then generate their own for the argumentative topic they read about.


    3 Quick Things to Know:  

    1.  Writers observe the world around them and their experience living in it to generate their own writing.
    2.  Reading closely and deeply for understanding is a life skill.
    3. It is important to understand the multiple sides of an issue in order to make an informed opinion.



    • Journal for 8 minutes.
    • Download a t-chart.
    • Read 4 articles (2 in support of banning balloons and 2 against this ban)
    • Students will find reasons and evidence to support both sides of the issue and will write these onto their t-charts.
    • Upload the t-chart to Canvas.
    • Closure Activity:  Generate a counterargument sentence that highlights one reason that supports it.




     GO TO YOUR CLASS'S CANVAS PAGE:  Begin with START HERE and LISTEN TO THE SCREENCAST before working your way through the entire module through the LAST Closure activity.

     Period 3 and 6

    Periods 4, 5, and 7