• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview:

    Hi kids,                                                                                              Julius Caesar_Julius Caesar.pptx

    Today we are going to try something different and I am really stoked to see what you come up with! Remember how we learned about Julius Caesar? If you are a little hazy on the topic, please refer to my PowerPoint on him attached above. I would like you to do the following:

    1. Create a modern twist of the story of Julius Caesar. What would this story have looked like if Julius had been a middle schooler? Key things to keep in mind here. The story will only be 1-2 paragraphs long. each paragraph should be at least 5-7 sentences. Have fun with this, but keep it school appropriate and relevant to your lives! Be sure to create an alternate ending as well. Please write this in the text box provided for you or attach a word document.

    2. Not feeling the creative juices flowing? Try creating a poem about Julius Caesar as your flexible choice option for this lesson. The poem should be about 10 lines long. Please write in the text box or attach your own word document.

    Here is an example story I came up with:

    Julius was the ball hog on the Unami 7th grade boys basketball team. He was the son of a wealthy politican and thought that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. It seemed as if he had a long of friends, and people went along with anything he said, even if it wasn't a good idea.

    One game, fellow teammates Sam and Mason were not having Julius' attitude. They were tired of listening to him, and decided to kick him off the team. Julius was hurt, as he thought that Sam and Mason were his friends, but he had been warned that they would try to do this. In the end, Julius changed his behavior, and became a better team captain and friend.


    Hope this example helps! Just trying to mix some of this stuff up for you, so it isn't the same assignment everyday!

    Peace. Love. Good Vibes.

    2. Time: 25-30 minutes

    3. Explanation: Please review the PowerPoint to refresh your memory about Julius Caesar. Then, create a modern day tale of Julius Caesar with an alternate ending. If you need another option, please write a poem about Julius Caesar that is 10 lines long.

    4. Things to know: Look through the powerpoint or your notes for the information on Julius Caesar. Please write in Canvas or attach a word document. I am looking forward to some crerative ideas. PLEASE ONLY CHOOSE ONE OPTION, EITHER THE STORY OR THE POEM.

    5. Tasks: Gather your notes on Julius Caesar. Then, create a modern twist story with an alternate ending. Or create a poem.

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