• DATE: Thursday, March 26, 2020

    Tomorrow is Erinn's birthday! Send her a birthday message and a compliment through Flip Grid

    I sent you an email about a class meeting at 12:30 through TEAMS. If you can, join us! Yesterday went great! I'm glad so many of you joined! Let's try to get everyone on there today - it's Erinn's birthday tomorrow, we we can give her those compliments!

    Today's Assignments - Day 7 - March 26.docx- If that doesn't work, try clicking here

    **Office Hours Today: I will be available to answer emails and/or chat through Teams from 9:00-10:00 this morning and then 12:00-2:00 this afternoon. 

     Optional Extra Activities:

    • Ask your parents if you can go outside and do something fun - it's supposed to be nice out today!
    • Do a "chore" around your house without being asked - "just because"! Or do something nice for someone in your family - something unexpected :)

    • Write a letter/email/card to a friend or a teacher.

    • Read, read, read!

    • Author Debbi Michiko Florence shares a read-aloud excerpt of her chapter book JASMINE TOGUCHI FLAMINGO KEEPER, along with a writing prompt (and a peek at a real daruma doll)! https://youtu.be/h7sDbG_85hc

    • Play a game with someone in your family - a good, old-fashioned board game!
    • Write a story or a poem - THINK SPRING - flowers, baseball, warm weather, playing outside, animals...

    • Build something. Anything! Break out your old Legos, construction paper, anything you want. Design your plan and build. Send me a picture or post on our Flip Grid!

    • Reflect on life today. Start a journal. What are you learning? What are you truly missing? What are you doing for fun? What are you doing now that you haven't really gotten the chance to do in the past?