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    Today is Thursday, March 26. Our special for today is ART.  Please check Gayman’s Distance Learning Page for specific activities.

    Grade 2, Day 7 Math: Calendar Skills and Concepts

    Overview: You will use a calendar to review the weeks, days, and months of the year. You will work on writing the date.

    Explanation: Review various calendar skills and concepts


    1. Use a calendar to write the days of the week. Write about your favorite day of the week.
    2. Use a calendar to write the months of the year. Write about your favorite month of the year.

    Extra: Only do this activity if you want more practice.

    1. Ask someone at home to use a calendar to ask you various questions about a particular month.

    How is this assignment turned in to the teacher: You can submit your completed work to me on Seesaw or put it in your folder.

    Grade 2, Phonics Day 7

    Overview:  Review the short /u/ spelling pattern

    Explanation:  You will review the short /u/ spelling pattern with someone at home and choose an activity for additional word work practice.

    Things to know: 

    1. Sit with someone at home.
    2. You can do this activity in a variety of ways (out loud, paper and pencil, rainbow write, on Seesaw etc.)
    3. Use the Spelling BINGO worksheet that is posted on Seesaw for other options.


    1. Generate a list of 4 letter words with a short /u/ vowel, i.e. club, stub.
    2. You can do this on paper, outside with sidewalk chalk or by posting on Seesaw.
    3. Choose an option from the SPELLING bingo worksheet that is posted on Seesaw.

    How this assignment is turned into the teacher: You can submit your completed work to me on Seesaw or put it in your folder.

    Grade 2 Reading, Day 7

    Overview:  Build your reading stamina, comprehension and practice reading with fluency and expression

    Explanation:  You will be reading a passage online to practice fluency and to demonstrate comprehension.

    Things to Know:

    1. You will be completing a reading assignment online via Seesaw. The story has been assigned to you. Click on ACTIVITIES to access today’s story.


    1. Complete today’s fluency practice from your green fluency book.
    2. Complete the reading activity on Seesaw (You will need to use your AT HOME LOG-IN code) OR choose two non-fiction books to read to someone at home OR choose from the READING bingo page that was posted on Seesaw.

    How to Turn in these Assignments:  Please complete the reading passage and answer the questions that have been assigned on Seesaw in Activities.  Be sure to click the green check mark in the upper right hand corner to turn it in to me.  Or, save completed work in your folder.

    Grade 2 Writing, Day 7

    Overview: Use the animal you picked yesterday to complete a 4 square

    Explanation: Second graders will use a 4 square to organize an informational writing piece.

    Things to Know:

    1. Students will independently complete a 4 square.
    2. Students will use the facts on their web to complete a 4 square.


    1. Review what you know about the animal you researched yesterday.
    2. Use the 4 square in your folder.
    3. Start with a topic sentence in box 1. Try to hook your reader!
    4. Use your facts to fill in the rest of the 4 square.
    5. Read the 4 square to yourself. Does it make sense?  Did you use transition words (first, next, then, also etc.)
    6. Post your 4 square on Seesaw.

    How to turn in this Assignment:  Take a picture of your 4 square and post it on Seesaw.

    Grade 2 Science, Day 7

    Overview:  Students will learn about a new animal by watching an online zoo presentation.

    Explanation:  Both Elmwood Park Zoo and Cincinnati Zoo are offering daily animal experiences online led by zoo educators.

    Things to Know:

    Elmwood Park Zoo’s lesson is each day at 11:00 AM EST and Cincinnati Zoo’s lesson is each day at 3:00 PM EST.  Links are posted on Seesaw.


    1. Watch and enjoy the zoo presentation.
    2. Sketch a picture of the animal that you are learning about.
    3. Add at least 3 facts you learn about the animal around the picture.
    4. Post your picture on Seesaw.
    5. LOW-TECH options: Choose one of the options from the Lego building calendar that was shared on Seesaw OR go on a nature walk and make a list of all the living things you observe. When you return, sketch and color a picture of something you saw.

    How to Turn in This Assignment:  Post your work on Seesaw or put completed work in your folder.