• Date: 03/26/2020

    Functional Academics

    Overview- Read Chapter 3 in “Finding the Right Pitch” -pages 28-36

                                               Complete Fill in the Blanks -pages 41-43

                                               Complete Multiple Choice -page 45

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes

    Task: Read Chapter 3 of “Finding the Right Pitch” with a family member and complete the Fill in the Blank and Multiple Choice pages. You do not need to print out the story. You can read the story on the computer and write your answers on paper to what applies.

    Method of Communication: Send me a picture of one of the completed pages (Fill in the blank or Multiple Choice pages). Your child can also e-mail me back the answers to the questions. *It is not a requirement that you send me back a picture.

    Independent Living

    Overview- We will use FlipGrid as a tool to communicate with each other. Click on the link to complete this activity https://flipgrid.com/8711f4c0

    Estimated Time: 45 minutes 

    Task- I know FlipGrid is a new tool - please try to respond to my video and record yourself answering the following questions by clicking on the "Record a Response" icon:

    What meal did you help make this week?
    Who helped you make this meal?
    What is your favorite meal to make in school?

    I hope you enjoy listening to what your classmates are cooking while we are apart. I look forward to seeing your videos! If you cannot send a video through FlipGrid, send me an email with your response to these questions instead.

    Independent Living Skills Extension Activity-Click the link below: https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/grids/2959998/topics/7958032


    Overview- Complete Sorting and Counting Activities  

    Estimated Time- 45 minutes

    Tasks- Click on the FlipGrid link below for directions: https://admin.flipgrid.com/manage/grids/2959998

    Method of Communication: After your child has completed their vocational activity, you can click on “Record a Response” in Flipgrid and send a short clip of you working on the vocational activity.

    Functional Writing Practice

    Job Application-Complete Job application and e-mail it back to me

    Personal Information- If your child cannot complete the job application have your child practice write and type their personal information. Tell a family member your personal information. 

    Name- If your child cannot write and type out their personal information, have them practice writing their full name.