• 7th Grade Social Studies:

    1. Overview:

    Hi guys!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week so far! Here is our assignment for today. sparatcus reading assignment.doc

    a. Read the document I sent you on a Roman hero named Spartacus. He was a slave turned hero and his legacy still lives on today. *Please remember to always be sensitive when writing or talking about slavery or slaves*.

    b. Please answer the 3 questions that accompany this word document. PLEASE WRITE YOUR RESPONSES ON THE TEXT BOX BELOW, NOT THE WORD DOCUMENT ITSELF!

    c. Respond to my flipgrid video.....who is a hero in your life? Please respond in a thoughtful and mature manner, as I will be watching all of these, and add concrete examples into your response. Minimum requirement is 20 seconds of video. Also we now have another way to communicate with each other! Yay! Here is the link Link (Links to an external site.)

    Housekeeping items! (speaking of I really need to vaccum.....)

    a. Social Studies Meeting today at 2 pm via the link sent out earlier, but I will resend it again today!

    b. Whole Team Spark meeting will be at 2 pm on Thursday, again the link was sent out, but I will send it out again today

    c. How would you guys like to connect more? Is there something you would like me to do so we can interact more, or are you guys good with what we've been doing. Let me know in the comment section where you are writing the answer to your questions!


    Peace. Love. Good vibes. Keep them all flowing chickadees.

    2. Time: 25-30 minutes

    3. Explanation: You will need to read the article on the word document. Answer the questions ni the text box in canvas. Then, click the link to head to flipgrid and record a minimim 20 second video of who your hero is.

    4. Things to know: You can't write on the word document, all answers go through the Canvas text box. Flipgrid video is a minimum of 20 seconds.

    5. Tasks: Read the story of the hero Spartacus, answer the questions in the Canvas text box, then record a flipgrid video about your own hero.

    6. Links: