• Math in focus - Day 7:

    Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    All Math in Focus students may follow the plans below. 
    Check with your math teacher regarding how she would like you to share your work.

    **Pre-algebra students should visit Mrs. Bucher's website**


    Overview:  Variables / Coordinate Planes

    Estimated Time: Approximately 30 minutes

    Explanation:   Today you will review variables, variable expressions, and coordinate planes.  Then, you will use the two concepts to create line plots.


    Things to know:

    • To review variables, please reference your workbook pages 5-14 (Chapter 7).
    • To review coordinate planes, please reference your workbook pages 115-122 (Chapter 9).
    • To review these concepts, you can check out Chapter 3 using Ed Your Friend in Learning
  • Tasks for Today:
    **Files needed for today's activities will be found in your Math Team.
    Reach out to your math teacher if you cannot access the documents.

    1. Continue recording the daily temperature on your chart
    2. Variable Charting and Graphing:
      • Complete the Variable Charting and Graphing worksheet
        • HINT: Look for the relationship between the the number in the x row and the y row. 
          • Ask yourself, how did my x value turn into my y value?
      • Finish the chart on the first page, then graph the coordinate points on the second page.

    Have more time for math practice?


    Share today's work:

    Remember, your work today is not graded, but I'd love to see what you've done. You can share your work with me through Teams, email (jsnyder@cbsd.org), Seesaw, or share your composition book with me when we return to school.