• Dear Team Spark Parents and Students,

    Thank you for your support of the Distance Learning initiative over the last two weeks and into this third week.  As you probably read from Dr. Kopicki’s email on Sunday evening (more details found here: https://www.cbsd.org/Page/54011), we are preparing to move to Phase 2 of distance learning.  This will enable students to have live interactions with teachers, to learn new materials, and to practice the essential skills they will need for future years.  Beginning on April 6th, the schedule will allow students to focus on two class periods each day (Monday periods 1 and 2; Tuesday periods 3 and 4; Wednesday periods 5 and 6; Thursday period 7 and office hours).  A more detailed schedule will be forthcoming from Dr. Watters.

    In preparation for this transition, Team Spark Teachers will be hosting live meetings on Microsoft TEAMS on this Wednesday (4/1) and Thursday (4/2) to make sure students know how to use the technology and to touch base with each class.  We strongly encourage all students to participate in these meetings, if possible.  The meetings will be brief, no more than 10-20 minutes in length.  Please tell your child to check his/her CB Outlook email to find emails from teachers about these meeting times and dates.  For your own reference, will be following the below schedule this week:


    Wednesday (4/1)

    Period 3- 1:00pm

    Period 4- 2:00pm

    Thursday (4/2)

    Period 5- 9:00am

    Period 6- 9:30am

    Period 7- 12:00pm


    We remain committed to providing all of our students with a valuable educational experience while at home.  We understand this transition will be an adjustment that takes time.  Thank you in advance for your patience.  If you have questions, please reach out to your child's teacher or to me.



    Catie Frederick

    Team Spark contact person