Overview - Continue to practice identifying the theme within a short paragraph.

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes 

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - Complete questions #1-6 on the "Understanding Theme with Fables" worksheet by reading each small paragraph and answering the two questions underneath each story.  This assignment is again focusing on identifying the theme because you will do this for Boy in the Striped Pajamas once we return to school.

    Quick things to know - To access this worksheet, go to our Reading class on Canvas.  Scroll down to IReady Lessons, then select "Theme Practice using Fables".  You can write your answers on a separate sheet of lined paper.  The KEY is posted as well for you to check your work.  

    • PLEASE hold onto this worksheet because you will finish the remaining questions (#'s 7-13) on Monday.

    Tasks - Read/Complete questions 1-6 on the "Understadning Theme with Fables" worksheet.

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link:



    READING 9:

    Overview - Relfection of the past two weeks implementing Distance Learning

    Estimated Time - 30 minutes

    Explanation of Activity/Assignment - After using the Distance Learning method for the past two weeks, Miss. M wants to know how you feel at this point.  I have posted a reflection survey on our Canvas Page. Please answer each question HONESTLY! I will be reading through these, and truly want to know how to best support you through this time. 

    Quick things to know - To access this survey follow the following steps:

    1. Log onto Canvas
    2. Go to our English Class
    3. Click on "Quizzes" (NO - this is NOT graded)
    4. Select "Distance Learning Survey"
    5. Complete the survey honestly 

    Tasks - Complete Distance Learning Reflection Survey

    Links/Activites - Canvas Link