• Subject Area

    Grade 1- Lessons for Day 5


    Please see your math teacher’s website.

    Language Arts (Writing)

    Estimated Time: 25 minutes


    Overview: Continue working and writing your SIGHT WORDS


    Assignment: Write these sight words- have, from, by, at, had


    Make flash cards or write them in different colors.


    Online Resource:  Check out Seesaw.

    *Practice the word- have

    *Sort Nouns and Verbs

    A Noun- is a person, place, or thing

    A Verb- is an action





    Estimated Time: 45 minutes


    Overview:  Read a story using your reading strategies.  You will be implementing your decoding skills and applying your reading strategies, as good readers do.


    Assignment:  Pick a story to read at home or listen to a story. Use the reading strategy of Visualize.  Draw a picture of an event from the story.


    Online Resources:  Seesaw- Visualize organizer


    Go to BookFlix and listen to a story or scholastic


    Social Studies/Science

    Please see your homeroom teacher’s website.


    Look for assignments from your Art, Library, Music, QUEST and Physical Education Teachers too 😊